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Address Delivery Car Hire Service Address Delivery Car Hire Service Car rental services and the services arise in this context, and people are doing their best for the convenience of passengers... Professional Car Rental Professional Car Rental Everyday life, our hands, our feet we have the cars they bring to each point quickly and safely.... Car Rental Services Car Rental Services Today one of the most needed tools needed, no doubt is our car. Cars have been the essentials of everyday life.... Airport Rent a Car Services Airport Rent a Car Services The need to use the car, is manifested in the most long-distance road or in big cities....
  • RenaultSYMBOL Benzinli Renault SYMBOL Benzinli 4 4 B M REVIEW
  • RenaultSymbol Joy Diesel Renault Symbol Joy Diesel 4 4 B M REVIEW
  • FiatLinea Diesel Fiat Linea Diesel 5 3 B M REVIEW
  • CitroenC-elysee Diesel Citroen C-elysee Diesel 4 4 B M REVIEW
  • FiatDoblo Diesel Fiat Doblo Diesel 5 5 B M REVIEW
  • RenaultFLUANCE Diesel Automatic Renault FLUANCE Diesel Automatic 4 5 B M REVIEW
  • FordFocus Diesel Ford Focus Diesel 5 5 B M REVIEW
  • VolkswagenPASSAT Diesel Volkswagen PASSAT Diesel 4 5 B M REVIEW
  • NissanQashqai automatic Nissan Qashqai automatic 4 5 B M REVIEW
  • Bmw5.20 Automatic Bmw 5.20 Automatic 4 4 B M REVIEW
  • MercedesCLA 200 AMG Automatic Mercedes CLA 200 AMG Automatic 4 4 B M REVIEW
  • MercedesC180 AMG Mercedes C180 AMG 5 4 B M REVIEW
  • AudiA3 Diesel Automatic Audi A3 Diesel Automatic 4 4 B M REVIEW
  • MercedesVito Mercedes Vito 8 6 B M REVIEW
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Nez rent a hire car in Izmir with CR is becoming a privilege. Can be offered to you with our latest models offer the right service for your car and your satisfaction we are always y. We produce a clear solutions to meet your requirements in our processes before and after the rental. Located care of all of our cars in our fleet, we care about your life and property security made on time without interruption. You will calculate the price of the rental service dates can easily enter through our system. You can easily hire a car of your choice according to your requirement after the calculation. Briefly evaluated by our reservations department prior reservation made through our website are made after you return.

Our company car rental services to companies outside Izmir offers special operational fleet leasing services. You will receive a special offer rental services can get the number of vehicles delivering to us. Thank you for choosing our company, we wish you a good trip.
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